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Start your e-commerce business without overheads

Your “lifetime” membership to the eResellers Club is all you need to succeed in your “lifetime”.  You will not only have access to a large inventory of over 2000 different items to sell and earn great profits, but you will also obtain adequate training for life while you get the right inventory, the right tools, and the right supply of goods and services for your own “marketplace”; on site, or on the Internet.

While you concentrate on the bottom line, that is selling and making money, we concentrate on developing new selling strategies, researching for new products and services, and developing all the infrastructure to facilitate onsite and online selling, adding new products and services to your inventory, and developing new tools to help you grow as much as you can.

You too, off course, combinably, you can add unlimited products and services to your own venture at any time. What is most important, you do not have to worry about the inventory.

In some cases, you will earn up to 100% of the initial selling fees of your sales related to many well known online services, including but not limited to: Web hosting services, Postmaster services, and Shopping Carts/basket services.

But there is more, much more to it than reading a simple Web page about it.  To learn more about your benefits as an e-Resellers Club member, you must become an e-Resellers Club member, that;s why we urge you to … Join the e-Resellers Club … Right Now !!

What you get with your e-Resellers Club membership?

  •     Your eResellers Club lifetime membership certificate.
  •     A complete eReseller’s Club sales kit for up to 4 representatives
  •     A confidential product cost and sale list
  •     Order forms
  •     World recognized products and services catalogs
  •     Adequate training
  •     Unlimited growth
  •     Superb e-commerce tools
  •     Several easy-to-use control panels to manage and operate your business from anywhere in the world
  •     Earn up to 100% of your sales; and
  •     Bonuses and recognition programs to improve your business

Online Sales will be directly deposited into your checking account, and you can manage your business from your home, your office, or while traveling around the world or vacationing in Hawaii. Your start up cost, only $395.00 USD

The e-Resellers Club is the right choice to start your own Business

According to Wikipedia, (the free Encyclopedia), a reseller is a company or individual (merchant) that purchases goods or services with the intention of reselling them rather than consuming or using them.

Our Members do not need to purchase any inventory to start their own business as they can sell over 2,000 different items through our catalogs, shopping carts, flyers, web sites, newsletters and/or any type of advertising they wish at their free will, as long as it is affordable to them.

The e-Resellers Club groups companies and individuals interested in selling and reselling products and services anywhere in the world. Products and services are announced and available through this channel to all Members at discount prices.

Due to special considerations, (as to quantity, shipping costs and profit margin), not all products are marketable in all regions of the world. Our Members can resell any item in our inventory, one-by-one, (retail), or in quantities per se, (wholesale). Some items are very low in cost and sale price, and they may not be marketable in some areas. As a rule of thumb, sell lower cost products only in large quantities, as profit and shipping costs must be a serious consideration when dealing with these type of products.

Add your marketable products and services to the whole network

Subject to management approval, any member can add products and/or services to the general inventory of products and services. No other business in the world provides you what the e-Resellers Club will provide you:

  • World recognized products and services
  • Adequate training Unlimited growth
  • Superb e-commerce tools
  • Several easy-to-use control panels to manage and operate your business from anywhere in the world
  • Earn up to 100% of your sales; and
  • Bonuses and recognition programs to improve your business

Learn more about the e-Resellers Club

Your NEW Online Business only ONE STEP AWAY ! Act as our “Authorized Reseller/Partner” In an effort to better serve our customers worldwide, we want to expand our distribution network growing our business with other successful partners all over the world. We are constantly looking for special individuals in the USA and other regions of the world, to act as our “Authorized Resellers/Representatives“.

The successful world of the e-Resellers Club

Our business technology allows you to be in business for yourself but not by yourself. For the right person, our “Authorized Reseller Program” is the greatest business opportunity in the world!

Start or expand your business right now! Never before in the history of men kind, will there be an era like the one we live in today. Consumers are fascinated by modern money making strategies and realize that they must do whatever it takes to plan for and secure their future. Build your own future In marketing, one good idea can change the world for ever. Today’s uncertain times makes more people think about new formulas to diversify their income and build more financial security.

Align with something bigger Join us today!

Capitalize on 21st’s century technology to develop a business relationship that will last forever, and become successful. Align yourself with something bigger, ours is a business that allows you to achieve predictable levels of success, it’s the opportunity you need to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. It is time for you take advantage of the opportunities you see at hand and start or expand your own business today!

Why an e-Resellers Club membership?

  1. Because slow growth is not an option. For businesses that want to replicate existing locations, a slow growth method was perfectly acceptable. A business generating a 20% return could replicate itself within five years. In ten years, it might have several company-owned stores. But times have changed. Chains now dominate the marketplace in virtually every retail segment. The independent business that chooses slow growth may soon find itself surrounded by fast growing, heavily advertised, well-known competitors. Before that five years is up, a 20% return could be down to 0%. In short, for an increasing number of businesses, the choice is not between growing slow or growing fast. The choice is between growing fast and closing down. With the eResellersClub Membership we all grow together. Find out today the benefits of group networking.
  2. Because the cost of outside capital is too high. Company-owned expansion can be accelerated, of course, with outside capital. But borrowing money isn’t as easy as it once was. Banks used to loan $5 for every $1 of net worth. In recent years that ratio has dropped to 2 to 1 and currently it’s closer to 1 to 1. Lower interest rates haven’t helped either. They’ve actually hurt! Bankers ask themselves, “Why lend to businesses and assume relatively high risk when we can put our money in government bonds and get almost the same interest with no risk?” Gradually, the pool of lending capital for business expansion has dwindled. Investors can be a source of outside capital and some successful businesses do go to the stock market or to Venture Capital. But at what price? In exchange for investment capital a business owner must give up equity-a share of the business. Giving up a share of the business usually means giving up a share of control. Worse, if growth isn’t achieved on schedule, it can mean giving up all control. Partnerships and Joint Ventures require giving up some control in the decisions and strategy for growth. Family and friends are also an option. While they are usually more understanding and may not ask for a vote in management decisions, all too easily, tensions can arise and cause problems. Even if outside capital can be raised, the process of company-owned growth can be fairly slow. Locations must be pinned down. Facilities must be leased or built. Managers and employees must be hired. And a single managerial team must make every decision. Your e-Resellers Club Membership allows you to be in control of your life and resources. You manage your time, your place of work, and how much you want to work. You build your own future.
  3. Because of Money-Time-People advantage. Your e-Resellers Club Membership avoids the problems of slow growth, the problems of outside capital, and the problems of finding the right employees. In short, your membership solves the problems of MTP-Money, Time and People. And it does so in creative ways: Money. Your membership transfers almost the entire cost of expansion to the e-Resellers Club Members. The e-Resellers Club builds the building or pay the rent, buy the inventory, pay the employees and provide the working capital until sales make the business profitable. And the growth of the e-Resellers Club is limited only by the number of people willing to buy the e-Resellers Club Membership and the number of locations from where our Products and Services can be sold. What is the cost to the e-Resellers Club Member? Often it is no more than it would cost you to establish a single new company-owned unit for less than one day. Time. Anxious to move quickly before the competition catches on? Got a hot, new concept? Want to exploit a new marketing opportunity? Ours is the one growth system that allows businesses to expand exponentially. An e-Resellers Club Membership can grow fast simply by selling individual services. Some e-Resellers Club Members can grow even faster by selling multiple services or territories to sub e-Resellers Club Members. Either way, it is usually faster to open e-Resellers Club Memberships than company-owned units. People. “A good manager is hard to find.” Not exactly an original idea. The e-Resellers Club Membership make excellent managers. Why? Because they have a vested interest in the business. They get the right training, and they own it. Through membership, a company gets both dedicated managers and relief from the problems associated with hiring and firing personnel.


Membership has other advantages

  • Lower Risk. Because the e-Resellers Club provides investment capital and accept most of the legal and operational risks involved in setting up a business, you assume less risk as a member.
  • Buying Power. As the company expands, negotiating power on products, supplies, and services increases. Helping all members in the system (e-Resellers Club Memberships).
  • Quality Control. Your Membership can be legally required to follow our e-Resellers Club business system
  • A Strategy for Running your Business better. Your e-Resellers Club Membership gives talented executives the opportunity to focus on big picture issues rather than the exhausting day-to-day administration.
  • A solution to dealer problems. Under performing, unenthusiastic dealers can be replaced with vested, hard-working e-Resellers Club Memberships An exit strategy. With its growth and profitability potential enhanced, a firm can become a much more saleable commodity.
  • The e-Resellers Club Membership combines limited risk with high profit potential and short-term growth with long-term stability. The popularity of the e-Resellers Club Membership is no accident. It is the most entrepreneurial of all growth systems because it allows more people to become business owners than any other system.

That’s why the e-Resellers Club Membership is “the American Dream with a Safety Net”…e-Resellers Club Memberships get the benefit of being in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

Ready to become a member?

Become a qualified e-Commerce Specialist with your life-time membership to the eResellers Club, starting at only $395*

We provide world recognized products and services that sell by themselves:

  • World of Products
  • Seasonal Products
  • Featured Products
  • Specialty Merchandise
  • Jewelry and Fashion Products
  • Baby Products
  • Special Occasion Products
  • Party Supplies
  • Competitive online business services
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Postmaster services
  • Domain Name Registrations
  • Online shopping carts (Baskets)
  • Proprietary microcomputer software
  • World and local business directories
  • Website development
  • e-Commerce sites, tools; and more.

* Membership rules apply.

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