About us

e-Resellers.Club and TheHoustonMall.com both are Flash Net, LLC Online Stores Only. Please visit us at:
http://eResellers.Club and http://TheHoustonMall.com

Our Postal Address

5615 Richmond Ave #240
Houston TX 77057

PHONE (713) 714-7852

Our Misión

Our Mission is to help our members superbly, helping them achieve their dreams and goals as soon as possible. We handle their dreams and goals with care, and treat them as our own. We understand that our success, depends on their success, and we are commited to make it happen that way.

Our Goal

At the e-Resellers Club, we’re committed to the success of each and every one of our members.  Our founders first conceived of a novel idea: “we would offer vast quantities of giftware and general merchandise, and instead of hiring a sales force, we’d put new entrepreneurs into business, working for themselves selling those products”

People work harder when they’re working for themselves. They put their heart and soul into their work. Those are the people we want to partner to sell our products and services.


DAPROSE.COM, DAPROSE.NET, eResellers.Club and TheHoustonMall.com are all USA based NON-CONTACT businesses.

Our Online Stores handle all transactions via post mail and/or the Internet only. We do not offer customer pick-ups neither we have any product display locations. All items are offered to anyone through these online shopping carts only. Please order your items online and wait 1 to 4 weeks for the delivery.  Our business address is displayed here for legal purposes only, and not for customer’s visits, much worst for soliciting.  We ship our products from different locations in the USA and some items from overseas. Most items are shipped from our business address in Houston, TX while some items are shipped from California, Mexico, Canada, China, depending on each product.  Delivery could take from 1 to 4 weeks.  Please be patient.  You will be informed for the approximate date of delivery usually between 24/48 hours.

For technical support, please open a support ticket at: