Academically, "selling" is thought of as a part of "marketing", however, the two disciplines are completely different.

Sales often forms a separate grouping in a corporate structure, employing separate specialist operatives known as salespeople (singular: salesperson). Selling is considered by many to be a sort of persuading "art". Contrary to popular belief, the methodological approach of selling refers to a systematic process of repetitive and measurable milestones, by which a salesperson relates his or her offering of a product or service in return enabling the buyer to achieve their goal in an economic way.
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E-Commerce Links and Web Guide

E-Commerce Basics
Getting Started in E-Commerce
E-Commerce Small Business Advisor
E-Commerce Tutorial – from Webmonkey.
E-Commerce Assessment
E-Commerce: Let your business model be your guide.
E-Commerce Overview

E-Commerce and your Business Strategy
How does e-commerce fit with your business?

Write a Great Business Plan
Guide to Your Internet Business Plan
Determine Your Web Site Goals
Creating an Online Business Plan
New Rules for Writing an E-Business Plan

Build Your Web Site

Register a Domain Name
Search for domain names.
List of accredited domain name registrars. –

Web Developers – How to find one and decide if they're right for you
Hire a Design Team to Build Your Site
How to Cut Costs with Web Developers
How to Work with your Web Developer

Develop a web site that is easy to use
Ten good deeds in web design.
Usability checklist for site developers. If your site is easier to use, customers will stay longer.

Web Storefront Services
Get an out-of-the-box, commerce-enabled site.

Build a commerce-enabled web presence for your small business using these low-cost, out-of-the-box services. Web storefront software should allow you to maintain your product catalog as well as enable you to process credit card transactions.

E-Commerce Software Packages
Features and Relationships That Support E-Commerce
E-Storefront options for small businesses
Comparison chart of web storefront services

How will you receive payment on your web site?

You'll need a merchant account provider (MAP) to allow you to accept credit cards over the web and a credit card clearinghouse service that supports your MAP. It is also important to note whether your web storefront software/shopping cart software is compatible with your credit card clearing service.

Payment solutions for your e-commerce web site.
Electronic payment system guide.
Adding plastic to your site.

Making the payment process easier for your customer:
Cyber Checkout

Merchant Accounts:
A Merchant Account Provider is a bank or other institution that processes online credit card transactions, will verify the credit card, process the transaction, and deposit the results into your account.

Qualifying for a Merchant Account – Do You Meet the Criteria?
Don't Fly By Night: The Inside Information on Merchant Accounts
Understanding Merchant Accounts and their fees.
Choosing a Merchant Account Provider
Understanding Merchant Service Provider Rates – explains the various fees and charges involved.

Finding the Best Merchant Account Provider for your Business

Credit Card Clearing Services (transaction processing service or commerce engine):
A clearing service takes the credit card information from your site and transfers the information to your bank or Merchant Account Provider. Performs a similar function as a swipe terminal might in a brick-and-mortar setting.

Choosing a credit card clearing service.

Other payment options:

Electronic Payments – Alternative Systems
Electronic Checks – works similarly to paper checks.
Other Payment Options
Prepaid Shopping – Example of prepaid shopping is RocketCash.
PayPal – a possible choice for merchants with lower-priced goods who may not be able to afford credit card capabilities.
Micropayments – From the W3C.

Security Issues
Ensure that all transactions on your site are protected. Generally, security is provided by various implementations of cryptography, including encryption, digital signatures and notarization, secure protocols and digital certificates.

Developing Your Privacy Policy on Your Web Site
Customers Fear for their Online Privacy
Sample Privacy Policy
Web Site Security

Thawte – Digital Certificate Provider
Verisign – Digital Certificate Provider
Entrust – Security Products/Services

Taxes and E-Commerce

E-Commerce Tax FAQ
E-Commerce Taxation Principles
Focus on Net Taxes

Market/Promote Your Web Site
Improve the chances of customers finding you online.

WebPromote Articles on web site marketing.
E-Commerce/Marketing Channel
Search Engine Submission Tips
E-Commerce Merchandising/Marketing
Web Site Marketing Primer How to market your web site
Creating Effective Email Campaigns
Email Marketing ClickZ's portal for email marketing
Market Your Local Business Online
Beyond the Banner: New Strategies in Online Advertising ZDNet
Advertising Age's NetMarketing

Marketing/Statistics on E-Commerce:

E-Commerce Statistical Toolbox

How will you track and fill your customers' orders?

Shipping Costs Bleed E-tailers Dry
Who Pays to Get it There?
Using Drop Shippers for Your Online Store
Your Fulfillment Choices
Distribution Decisions: Drop-Shipping vs. Inventory vs. Fulfillment House
Should You Outsource E-Commerce Fulfillment?
E-Fulfillment Companies

Customer Service
Is shopping on your site a good experience for your customer?

Understand Online Customer Service
E-Customer Service Gets Real
The Human Face of E-Customer Service

E-Commerce News and Information
Keep up to date.

E-Commerce Times
The Industry Standard – The Newsmagazine of the Internet Economy – E-Commerce News

General Resources

E-Commerce Web-o-pedia Find out what EDI, SET and ASP mean.